HiTech Homes

About Us

Navigating the often unchartered waters of technology can be difficult.  Since 1988, though, customers of HiTech Homes have enjoyed peace of mind exploring upscale, full-service home and business technology solutions.

Quantum leaps in entertainment and automation technology have occurred since then.  Decades ago, when HiTech Homes started out, the VCR was considered “state of the art.”  Over these years HiTech Homes has consistently led the way, while other companies have come and gone.  How?  A company-wide focus on innovation and delivering our customers the best, most user-friendly technology-based experiences, backed by a professional, friendly staff boasting unparalleled knowledge, education and expertise.

Being a “first adopter” of new technology might be hip.  It’s not always smart, though.  We continually test, train and observe to bring you the top-performing, most reliable systems in entertainment and automation.

The success of HiTech Homes is about more than adapting to product changes.  It’s about our customers knowing we’ll be here tomorrow, and whenever they need us.  As technology advances, we’ll advance with it, and always stand behind our service.

Who knows what’s next?  Perhaps what’s “advanced” today will someday be considered a technological fossil (kind of like a VCR). We can’t forecast the future, but promise you that HiTech Homes will be here to help you.