Custom Theater

Experience the thrill of a state-of-the-art home theater with vivid surround sound and crystal clear picture. Utilize a dedicated room or a multipurpose area.



Whole-House Audio

Listen to your favorite music throughout your entire home, even outside! Nearly invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speakers blend seamlessly into any room.



Lighting Control

Program the lighting to turn on and off according to pre-established scenes or photocell sensors. Program all on / all off switches for convenience and security while at the same time saving energy.

Home Automation

Control Lights, Thermostats, Security, and Video Cameras remotely via the Internet from your computer or smart device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Droid!

Welcome to HiTech Homes!

Technology improves our lives.

Maybe you’ve thought about adding a home automation system, a home theater room or other technology to your office.  You don’t want to sweat the details though.  You want the benefits of the technology. The “what” or “how” isn’t important.  You just want it done – and you want it done right and on time.

If this sounds familiar, consider HiTech Homes your “technology concierge.”

You tell us what you want.  We’ll listen and educate you on your options. Finally, we’ll design a system, choose the right equipment and install it to your exacting specifications.

We’ve been improving people’s lives with entertainment and automation technology for 35 years!  How?  By constantly innovating, learning and, above all, delivering exactly what our customers want.

HiTech Homes is your experienced technology concierge.  How can we help you?  

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Winter 2024

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